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The Basics of Starting a Business

You’ve made the huge decision to start a business. As you probably know, most efforts to start a business end in failure. Fortunately, there are things you can do to guard against wasting time and money and improve your odds. While every business is unique and comes with its own set of problems and opportunities, there are some basic steps…Read more

America's Fastest-Changing Cities

Based on housing price, inflation, employment and migration trend data from ZoomProspector, a San Francisco-based business relocation consultancy, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Internal Revenue Service, National Association of Realtors and Census Department, Forbes evaluated the 40 largest U.S. cities to determine where the economic landscape has changed most over the last year…Read more

SelectUSA Tools

A business intelligence tool that uses data from hundreds of sources including theCensus Bureau, U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, the Bureau of Economic Analysis, IRS records, county courthouse filings, Yellow Pages and White Pages, business publications, the U.S. Postal Service, and corporate annual reports to provide a comprehensive overview to small- and medium-sized business about their competitiveness and where to find resources to improve…Read more

Picking the best places to launch a biz

At ZoomProspector.com, small business owners input their particular needs - from commute time to the supply of college-educated workers - and get matched to places with the right resources. In April the site is unveiling a new tool to help would-be franchisers find cities demographically similar to their own…Read more

The Pros of Planting Startups in Smaller Cities

According to research conducted for BusinessWeek by GIS Planning, a San Francisco-based geographic data firm that helps companies select optimal sites via its online tool ZoomProspector. The analysis weighed 11 factors to gauge an area's entrepreneurial climate, including the number of small businesses and startups, the quality of the workforce…Read more

Find Your Perfect (Business) Match

Entrepreneurs seeking guidance in locating their business can turn to the likes of ZoomProspector.com, which helps small businesses identify optimal locations based on a range of community and property characteristics. Not only is the service free, users don't have to contend with multiple government offices, real estate agents and data sources to get the demographics they desire…Read more

ZoomProspector Puts Geographical Data at Businesses' Fingertips

If Zillow is the best place for home buyers to find information about real estate, ZoomProspector hopes to become the best place for businesses to find information about where they should establish themselves geographically. ZoomProspector aggregates information about various cities and communities…Read more

Commercial Real Estate Service ZoomProspector Opens to the Public

ZoomProspector, the Real Estate locating service for businesses, has emerged from private beta and opened its doors to the public. Now any business can use the service to find the optimum location to move or start their venture. Also, any city, council or state can enter the geographic and economic data related to their area in order to entice potential new businesses into moving to their region…Read more

Physical Estate: Educated work force? Check. Near the airport? Check.

Using information from local governments and other sources, ZoomProspector allows companies to search for vacant land, office space, and retail sites according to an array of factors: demographics such as population size, education level, and household income as well as less typical metrics such as home values, patents issued per capita, proximity to airports and train stations…Read more

ZoomProspector can help entrepreneurs hone in on untapped markets.

Tired of throwing darts at a map? An online service aims to take the guesswork out of relocating. "I'm able to figure out which communities to rule out and which to pursue," says executive vice president Sharon Chan. "It's almost like having a marketing company on tap. You're doing your own legwork, but it's nice to have the data."…Read more

ZoomProspector Launches To The Public To Help Businesses Relocate

ZoomProspector rates cities across the country by a number of relevant criteria, including proximity to airports, commute times, demographics, or the availability of venture capital in the area (you can also choose to exclude some of these items if they aren't important to you). One of the more useful search functions is the ability to see what other businesses operate…Read more

7 Clever Ways New Startups Can Cut Back On Operating Costs

Now that he's staffed up, he no longer does this himself, but he estimates he's saved more than $100,000 per year in salary or consulting fees before he hired help. Instead of hanging out in parking lots, you can take advantage of technology like ZoomProspector, a free service that lets you find communities by parameters like community size, education levels, and recent job growth…Read more

ZoomProspector helps you relocate your business

A new commercial real estate site is opening its doors Tuesday: ZoomProspector. It's designed to help businesses find communities for new offices or plants, and then find the properties that fit their needs. The service collects business stats on cities and counties, and lets you explore those in a clean interface. More importantly, it lets you search for communities…Read more

4 Inexpensive Market Research Tools You Should Be Using

Zoom Prospector is a free tool for companies looking to expand to a new location. Use Zoom Prospector to locate the best area for your new location or branch based on demographic information provided by individual communities…Read more

Useful Business Lessons from Henry Ford, History’s Best Entrepreneur

In 1863, a baby boy was born on a farm in Michigan. That baby would grow up to masterfully repair watches, invent “Fordism” (producing tons of inexpensive goods while paying workers well), and then build an empire based on assembly lines and mass production…Read more

How to Do Market Research

ZoomProspector tool can help you find the ideal location for your business, or find new locations similar to where you already are for expansion and growth…Read more

Should You Expand Your Chain Regionally, Nationally or Globally?

One helpful tool is an online business location service called ZoomProspector. Plug in information such as community type, population requirements, and labor force preferences, and the program will match you up with a range of potential communities and locations open for lease. One feature called “Find Similar Communities” allows you to input information about your current location…Read more

A Guide to the 10 Best Free Online Market Research Tools

Zoom is a Robust Tool that Allows Companies to Identify Ideal Location Opportunities for Start-Up, Relocation or Expansion. Search Properties, Communities, Site Selection Experts, and Economic Developers…Read more

Online Tools Quick-start Site Searches

A new Web site, www.ZoomProspector.com, enables anyone to identify communities that best match their expansion criteria and then compare development regulations, costs, and available incentives to narrow the list of potential markets. In many of the cities and states covered by the free service, the online tool even includes listings of available real estate…Read more

E3 Sustainability Tools

ZoomProspector provides a way for new and expanding businesses to find, compare, and deeply analyze communities and available properties nationwide. The map-based search can greatly simplify and speed up the site selection process, freeing companies to be able to quickly and accurately make informed decisions based on numerous data sets including demographic, business, transportation, and property information…Read more

Geography (and geographic thinking) in BusinessWeek

In fact, places like Boulder, Colo., (population 91,000) and Fairfax, Va., (23,000) are just as favorable for startups as San Francisco (733,000) and New York (8.2 million), according to research conducted for BusinessWeek by GIS Planning, a San Francisco-based geographic data firm that helps companies select optimal sites via its online tool ZoomProspector…Read more