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Greater Yuma Economic Development Corporation




Greater Yuma Economic Development Corporation began in 1985 as the Economic Development entity for the following jurisdictions in the State of Arizona: Yuma County, City of Yuma, City of San Luis,City of Somerton and Town of Wellton.

Greater Yuma EDC’s Six Pillars of Success adopted by our 18 member Board of Directors,5 public investors, 100+ private investors, and local partners, is to:

  • Promote Educational Excellence
  • Focus on Competitiveness
  • High Wage High Skill Job Creation
  • Increased Focus on Resource Development
  • Further Enhance Yuma’s Sense of Place
  • Cultivate Collaboration and Stewardship between Public and Private Sector The growth and prosperity of Greater Yuma play a major role in the vitality of all area businesses. Greater Yuma EDC is expanding economic activity by growing jobs and capital investment in the region, through attraction and expansion efforts. We assist our existing industry through programs developed specifically for them. With you as a financial partner in this essential role, you are assisting in our efforts to bring more businesses to the region and grow the business that is here –thereby increasing your own opportunities for expansion and diversification.

We serve the following communities

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County of Yuma209,149

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