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Your One Stop Economic Development Resource Center.  If you are interested in locating your business in Clovis, Curry County or the surrounding area, please feel free to contact us at 1-866-963-6600.   Our Board of Directors and Staff works closely with the Sate of New Mexioc, City of Clovis and Curry County to ensure your business venture is a success.   

The Clovis Industrial Development Corporation is helping Clovis and Curry County grow by attracting businesses and industries to eastern New Mexico. The region benefits with the economic impact afforded by manufacturing, distribution and value-added processing companies. Companies benefit by being able to work with a single resource that can manage the maze of local, state and federal incentives while creating a custom plan that can assure labor 

Clovis Industrial Development Corporation (CIDC) is a private, non-profit organization that assists business and industry relocating or expanding into the Clovis, Curry County area and the Clovis/Portales Microplex. In the last five years, under the leadership of this organization more than 1000 new jobs have been created for the people Clovis and Curry County. Conservatively, more than 2500 additional indirect jobs have been created as a result of these company locations, contributing to a total economic impact of over $300 million in the recent past. 

Clovis has benefited from the activities of the Clovis Industrial Development Corporation, and members’ support of the organization have a positive, direct effect on Clovis’ future. An energetic, committed staff and the synergy derived from the diverse talents of an active Board of Directors and Executive Committee have seen the Clovis Industrial Development Corporation emerge as a respected leader in the highly competitive business recruitment process.

Current Industry in Clovis and Curry County

Southwest Cheese – Worlds Largest Cheddar Cheese Plant

Honetreat Company – Pipe Manufacturing and Honing

Cummins – Natural Gas Engine Production

Mesa Ingredients – Animal Feed Production

West Way – Animal Feed Production

Alltech – Animal Feed Production Clean Funnel – Plastic Manufacturing

Clovis Bottlers – Bottled Water Manufacturing – Custom knife Manufacturing

Inject-O-Meter – Product Manufacturing

Leslie Gibbs Candy Company – Candy Manufacturing

FabSteel – Structural Steel Manufacturing

Goldman Sachs - Wind Farm

Murk Brush Company – Industrial Brush Manufacturing

Renewable Energy Group -  Bio-Diesel Plant

Xerox - In Bound Call Center

World Dairy Transport – Dairy Transport

Indian River Transport – Dairy Transport

Ruan Transport – Dairy Transport

Frametek - Metal Truss and Frame Manufacturer

Tres Amigas -AC/DC Conversion Facility

Quality Liquid Feeds - Animal Feed Production

Cherney Microbiological Services - Laboratory

Gavilon Grain LLC - Animal Feed

Pattern Energy/Broadview Energy - 200 Turbine/$750 million Wind Farm

Cannon Air Force Base - 6,000 active and support personnel Special Operations AFB

We serve the following communities

Communities listed alphabetically

County of Curry49,845
County of Roosevelt18,550

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