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Located just 30 miles from Interstate 10, Sierra Vista serves as the retail hub of Cochise County and northern Sonora, Mexico. Recently, the City has solidified its role as the regional center for health care and education as well.

High Tech-Fort Huachuca

The region is home to Fort Huachuca whose including three of the fastest-growing missions in the Department of Defense: military intelligence, cyber-security, and unmanned aircraft systems. The 2,300 active duty personnel assigned to Fort Huachuca, not including 350 more deployed from the fort to locations worldwide, is bolstered by approximately 2,600 military trainees who are there on temporary duty on any given day. In total, Fort Huachuca has more than 50 unique tenant units and missions.

Major Investment

In April, 2015, RegionalCare Hospital Partners opened its new, $100 million, 175,000 square-foot, 100-bed hospital in Sierra Vista. The newly named Canyon Vista Medical Center is a level three trauma center that offers additional beds, services and doctors. RegionalCare has committed $18 million to recruit 25 physicians during the next seven years and hired about 100 new employees when it opened.

The teaching hospital will not only serve people from Douglas, Benson, Tombstone, Bisbee, and residents in the county, it also means Sierra Vistans don’t have to travel 75 miles to Tucson for top-quality trauma care.

Excellent Education

Cochise College was named one of the top 10 community colleges in the country by the Huffington Post in 2015. Founded at its campus in Douglas, the college is now headquartered in Sierra Vista and is expanding its facilities in the community. After opening a new automotive center in Sierra Vista 2014, the college benefited from the donation of the 93,000 square foot former Sierra Vista Regional Health Center building in 2015. This will enable the college to expand opportunities in many of its high-demand programs, such as culinary arts and nursing.

Cochise College is far from the only choice for higher education as Sierra Vista is also home to Wayland Baptist University, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, and the headquarters of University of Arizona South, a major branch campus of the University of Arizona.

Sierra Vista offers a highly educated workforce. In terms of percentage, the population has more high school and bachelor degreed people than the county, state and U.S. With the addition of the new hospital, Cochise College has enhanced their medical program curriculum and offers nursing clinical training at the hospital. Additionally, the fort and Cochise College work together to incorporate high-tech training offered on post with college credit classes, enabling enlisted military to quickly obtain their degrees. The private sector along with University of Arizona South and Cochise College partner together to create programs that directly benefit employers and their workforce needs.

 Retail Hub

As the retail hub of Cochise County, Sierra Vista’s retail outlets serve a population greater than 110,000.  This doesn’t even include some of Sierra Vista’s most frequent shoppers, who routinely travel across the nearby U.S./Mexico ports of entry at Naco and Douglas (the fourth and second largest commercial ports in the state). Coupled with the local populace of 44,286 — with an above-average household income level — Sierra Vista is a prime location for retailers.

Pristine, Cool Environment

Nestled at the base of the Huachuca Mountains, Sierra Vista sits at 4,623 feet and offers nearby recreational trails reaching peaks of over 9,000 feet.

Sierra Vista’s average high temperature is about 77 degrees, while it dips to an average low of 49 degrees. Sierra Vista also avoids lasting freezes, though snow often dusts the Huachuca Mountains in the winter. With an average of 284 sunny days each year and low humidity, Sierra Vista’s climate is ideal for retirees and outdoor enthusiasts alike.

The community’s 25-plus miles of shared use paths can be enjoyed year-round as local residents are spared the extreme summer heat of Tucson and Phoenix, while benefiting from the temperate Arizona winters.

Proactive Economic Development

Sierra Vista is not only a great place to visit and live, it’s also an even better place to do business. With a team of responsive, proactive planners and inspectors, the City of Sierra Vista helps businesses navigate the red tape and open their doors in as little time and with as little expense as possible. Some of the benefits of locating within Sierra Vista include:

  • Development fee deferrals
  • Fast track permitting and review
  • Expedited plan check
  • Site selection assistance
  • Marketing and promotion
  • Pre-development meetings
  • Workforce development and training reimbursements
  • Foreign trade zone
  • Workforce demographics and average wages
  • Business analysis
  • Small business administration loans
  • Business counseling
  • Industrial development bonds — tax-exempt securities for manufacturing

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