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City of Napa Economic Development


The City of Napa Economic Development Division is committed to business attraction, retention, and expansion to further the City's goals of providing needed goods and services that improve the quality of life for our residents. These activities help establish strong relationships with our valued local companies and allow the City to be more responsive to business needs.

Our mission is to enhance economic and community Vitality.

Economic development is one of the tools the City of Napa uses to ensure the quality of life and economic health of the city. The Economic Development Division focuses its efforts on business attraction, retention and expansion; quality infrastructure and “place-making”; and public-private partnerships to accomplish the City’s economic goals. We support local business and encourage both residents and visitors to "Shop Local."

The community’s quality of life is directly tied to economic development – sustainably expanding the City’s economic base results in more City revenue for public safety, streets and roads, parks and open space, and other amenities for Napa’s citizens.

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Shari Cooper

Development Project Coordinator